With fall officially here and the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time of year to get out on the water of the St. John’s River. Sit back and relax, and take in the warm Florida sun and the breeze off the pristine water ways in Orange City. With Captain Tim Parker as your guide, you’ll get the full back-water tour. Driving this vessel for just over a year, he’s still spending time getting to know the St. Johns River, but his experience on boats spans a lifetime. “I’ve always been on the water. I used to work offshore in the oil service industry. So I’ve gone from the blue water to the back water, and they’re two very different worlds but something I’ve really come to love,” Parker said. His knowledge doesn’t come up short, and his quick eye will spot even the most hidden of animals. You’ll see everything from gators, to native Florida birds, to some exotic plant life.

Towards the end of your cruise, they’ll speed up the boat just a bit. But don’t worry — the majority of the cruise you travel a leisure 5 to 7 miles per hour, with plenty of time to take some pictures and ask questions. Depending on the season, you’ll be sure to see plenty of different animals and plants that call the St. John’s River “home sweet home.” At the right time of the year the St. John’s River is flooded with hundreds of manatees looking for warmer water. “I’m out here five days a week, and it’s just always something gorgeous to see. The wildlife is constantly changing from day-to-day,” Parker said. So hop aboard and take in the beauty and nature the St. Johns River has to offer. The St. John’s River Cruise tours are open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition, they also offer kayaking and Segway tours of the surrounding area.

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