Get ready folks! The 2018 Florida primary is just three weeks away. On August 28, 2018 eligible voters will be out casting their ballots for their candidate(s) of choice. If you are new to voting in the Florida Primary Election system be advised, Florida is a closed primary state. That simply means, to vote in the primary for a candidate of a particular party, you must be a registered member of that political party. For candidates running in non-partisan races (i.e. judicial and school board offices, etc.) eligible voters, party affiliated or non-party affiliated, are able to cast votes on August 28th for their candidate of choice in those races. In the November 6th general election, voters may cast votes for any candidate they choose on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

Recently, the 1st Annual People’s Hob Nob was hosted in Pine Hills, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. NewToOrlando was invited to attend. The event was packed with both attendees and 30+ local politicians alongside residents running for office. Not only did they take the stage to make their pitch to the community and meet one-on-one with people to answer questions, several candidates took a moment to give us an interview. Co-sponsor of “The People’s Hob Nob” and publisher of Caribbean-American Passport News Magazine, Guenet Gittens-Roberts stepped in as guest host to ask some of these candidates why the public should vote them into office (See Interviews Below). is not here to tell you who to vote for, but we do encourage all eligible voters to be part of the process. Get to know the public officials who currently work for you, as well as, new candidates looking to do so in the near future. We can’t get you in front of everyone, but hopefully these interviews will give you more insight into candidates you may already know or perhaps introduce you to someone you didn’t know was even running. If you are not registered to vote or unsure about your eligibility visit the Florida Division of Elections for more information.